Wax Week Brand Highlight - Swix

Posted by Andy Canniff, Swix on Jan 19th 2014

For nearly 70 years, Swix has been the world-wide leader in ski wax and base preparation. That history includes a proud record of research and development. Even today, Swix spends more money and time on research and development than any other wax company. Swix research is organized through a thorough database drawing on years of testing and combining ski service team information, weather conditions and successful waxes used at the most significant skiing events. At every World Cup and marathon event, Swix service teams collect this information using careful testing and portable weather centers measuring minute changes in conditions and performance. Hence, a complete system relying on data, testing and careful observation has continued Swix’s leadership in wax.

Swix is a complete system of glide and grip divided into five segments of careful organization. The CH line of waxes are budget focused low-flourocarbon waxes designed for success at the most modest price point. Low flouro-carbon waxes are a mid-priced line perfect for high level training, condition specific races and performance at a reasonable price point and the HF line consists of waxes that spare no expense to find the most in speed. Corresponding V and VR kick lines offer entry-level and high performance grip options, by now a staple in any skier’s line up. What makes Swix special is the purity of their production. Using the most advanced manufacturing methods and controlled environments, Swix wax is more pure chemically than its competitors while living up to European sustainability and production standards.

The first to release pure fluorocarbon powders, Swix has evolved the high end wax line with consistent change and support. From the cold weather powder FC100, which provides a greater range of speed in cold weather to the finely tuned FC78, the warm weather super-cera with amazing gliding properties in artificial snow, the Cera wax line continues to evolve to maximize the experience of skiing in all conditions. Generally, Swix powders bear amazing properties:

  • Swix Cera F is a 100% fluorocarbon "wax" that is extremely water-repellent (hydrophobic), minimizes friction (30% less than Teflon)
  • Doesn't attract dirt or pollen, bonds easily to bases, and comes in several different formulations for a wide range of race conditions.
  • Cera F can be applied by hand with a synthetic (divinucell) cork for any ski race of 10km or less...or ironed in for greater durability on longer courses.


Finally, careful athlete partnerships help research and testing. US Swix athletes, Kikkan Randall and Simi Hamilton both use Swix waxes in competition and training and have given feedback on wax and tool performance.

Swix waxes will continue to evolve with a foundation of research as the driving force for change. For 2014, Swix continues its partnership with the American Birkebeiner, the European marathon series, the Swix Ski Classics as well as World Cup teams and individual elite athletes.

-Posted by Andy Canniff, Swix on Jan 19th 2014