Wax Week Brand Highlight - Toko

Posted by Ian Harvey, Toko on Jan 18th 2014

With a huge presence on the domestic professional circuit and a simple to use system, we're proud to highlight Toko with our first brand overview. Toko's waxes are widely known as being very beginner friendly yet high performing due to their giant temperature ranges and innovative compounds.

Over the course of their history, Toko has introduced a great many of the ski wax and tool industry's innovations over the past 30 years. Some of these innovations include the first fluorinated glide waxes, the first pure fluorocarbon in block form, the first wax remover in gel form for removing klisters, the first antistatic that was an improvement on graphite, and the first dedicated ski waxing iron. Even today, Toko's current product line has a number of unique, forward thinking items and features including spray on klisters that match the performance of their traditional counterparts without the mess, presence of Triblock copolymers in their glide waxes that aid in water repellency, and the best groove scraper in the industry. The bottom line is that Toko is the company that is innovating and discovering new improved products and product categories.

Despite this constant innovation, Toko remains committed to being the easiest wax company in the world to use and understand. The Toko system includes just 3 temperature sensitive colors of glide wax (Yellow, Red, and Blue), 4 grip waxes and a binder, and 3 klisters and a binder klister. There are a few additional special waxes such as XCold Powder and LF Black, but not many. This simplicity enables the waxer to understand the nuances of the line easily (what really works well when) as well as allows great flexibility (waxes can be mixed). It also makes the line easier to buy into (less $ due to less items). That isn't to say that these waxes sacrifice any top end performance to achieve this simplicity and flexibility - at the elite level, Toko is a major part of pretty much all top teams' wax boxes both domestically and internationally. The waxes distinguish themselves regularly in meeting the demands of the most competitive racers to those of recreational skiers.

Finally, should you need advice waxing for an upcoming race, there is no wax company that offers support like Toko. Toko provides well researched wax recommendations for virtually all events in the US. In contrast to other companies, these recommendations are generated by qualified and experienced local people who know the venue and the local weather tendencies through their Toko Tech Team program. These wax tips are posted on and also emailed directly to those who sign up to receive them. Furthermore, Toko provides over 150 wax seminars each year in an effort to better ensure a positive experience for our clients. has proven to be a great resource to racers and recreational skiers alike. This page offers a menu of 2-3 minute videos that cover pretty much all aspects of ski preparation. Toko eBlasts are broadcast emails that can be signed up for at that give technical information, race reports that can be learned from, and any other information that Toko's wax gurus think skiers might find interesting, including many articles from high level athletes teaching an important principle. Bottom line is that they're are doing everything that they can to serve skiers and ensure that they have a positive experience using Toko waxes and tools.

-Posted by Ian Harvey, Toko on Jan 18th 2014