Wax Week Day 2 - Preparing a New Ski

Posted by Josh Doebbert on Jan 19th 2014

Yesterday we discussed how to apply a basic layer of glide wax to your skis. That process will be the bulk of your waxing, keeping your skis ready for the right conditions and keeping your bases saturated with wax. But to be fast, your skis must go through an initial process of saturation to give them a good foundation that your periodic basic wax applications can build on. So today we’re going to go through the process of that initial base preparation. In essence, we’re just trying to put as many layers of wax as we can into the ski, but the type and order of waxes will make a difference in the top speed of the ski. There’s also a little bit of prep to do before we actually add the wax, so let’s go through the whole process step by step.

  1. Buff out your ski base using coarse (grey) Fibertex to clean it and remove any microscopic hairs that may remain from the initial grinding process
  2. Brush out the base with a brass or copper brush. This opens up the pores in the ski base so they will better accept wax.
  3. Drip on and Iron in a very warm wax or specific base prep wax. Let it cool for approximately 5-10 minutes.
  4. At this point you may scrape off the excess wax and drip on more, but if you wish to be economical with your wax at the expense of a small amount of top end speed, you can simply run the iron over the wax again. In either case, again let the ski cool for 5-10 minutes.
  5. Repeat the process of melting in wax and allowing it to cool 8-12 times. Be sure to pay attention to any areas that seem to be ‘low’ on wax between layers and drip more wax on. The more layers of wax you melt in, the faster your ski will be.
  6. Scrape and brush the warm wax, then apply 4 or more layers of a blue wax. This will serve to ‘harden’ the base and give the wax some durability without sealing the pores. Let it cool, scrape, and brush again.
  7. If you plan to wax in a cold green wax, be sure to wax at least 12 to 15 layers of a blue wax. Applying a green wax too early in the ski preparation process can plug the pores in the base material.
  8. Finally, apply the wax of the day as normal. Your ski is now ready to use, although you should continue to wax it frequently to keep your bases fast.

-Posted by Josh Doebbert on Jan 19th 2014