Weekend Wax Recommendations

Posted by Matt Fox on Jan 7th 2016

Gear West Weekend Wax Recs:

SISU Ski Festival – Ironwood, Michigan
Friday night low: 22°F
Saturday High: 22°F, but dropping throughout the day.

HF Glider:
- We are recommending Toko HF Blue or Swix HF6X Gliders. Toko HF Blue has a very long history of skiing well in the Upper Peninsula. There is a possibility of falling temps during the race, which leaning on the side of blue will help tremendously. Additionally, with the new snow, the crystals will be sharper. To glide faster on sharp crystals, it is better to have a harder wax to increase the release of the base from the crystals. More options could be Start HF8 Blue or HWK HF3 Cold glider.

- Fairly straight forward here, any of the old standby colder blocks will run well. Swix FC6X is probably by far the best choice. Since the snow is new and humid, FC6X will be bullet proof and gliding fast. Toko JetStream Blue 2.0 or Rex TK-72 will also be good options. Hand cork or Rotocork into the base for durability. (In new fresh snow, Toko JetStream 2.0 Blue Bloc will often work in slightly warmer conditions than what the manufacturer suggests, but it has to be NEW!)

- Your favorite binder followed up with Swix Extra Blue (V40) is going to be a solid choice! Rode Blue Super might be a contender as well, but Extra Blue will be safe and give fantastic kick. Use Swix VR40 or VX43 for a super thin covering to speed up your classic skis.

Mesabi East Invite – Giants Ridge / Biwabik, MN

Friday night low: 5°F
Saturday High: 6°F

HF Glider:
- 2 layers of Start MF10 Green Medium Fluor Glider

- Rex TK-72 rubbed on glide and Swix LF3 Powder over the block. Iron the TK-72 and LF3 Powder TOGETHER, at 150°C. Do this in one fast pass over the glide zones of the ski. Brush out with polishing brush or Swix Cera Brush. (This is a time tested and near bullet proof wax job for racing in cold weather at Giants Ridge)

Matt Fox would like you to know that he is not at these locations so these recommendations are via his incredible armchair quarterbacking abilities and time tested knowledge of skiing and wax testing in these areas.

-Posted by Matt Fox on Jan 7th 2016