West Yellowstone: How to Benefit the Most from Thanksgiving Week

Posted by Paige Schember on Nov 23rd 2015

The sun is shining, the snow is fresh, the trails are pristine, and literally all of our nordie friends are in the same place to kick off the season of skiing! All we want to do is go ripping around the trails for hours a day, because that’s what Thanksgiving week is for right?

But wait! There are a few things that we all (myself included) need to remember when stepping out the door at West Yellowstone. This week isn’t where seasons are made, but can definitely be where seasons are ruined, and it is pretty important to keep that in mind. Here are some tips to making this week a week you’ll benefit from.

1. Ski easy, and then ski even easier.

While all we might want to do is practice going fast on our new skis in the fresh trails, Yellowstone is at altitude and skiing fast is a lot harder on our bodies than it is when we’re at sea level. It also makes recovering more difficult. So hold your horses and really focus on skiing slow. Don’t feel bad telling friends you have to move slower than usual, it will benefit you in more than one way.

2. Stay healthy!

Hundreds of skiers working hard in one place = a cesspool for colds and sickness. Take it from somebody who is currently battling a cold, getting sick is the worst on ski trips. Staying hydrated and fully nourished is crucial. Because you are putting in more training hours than usual, make sure to drain that water belt and pound the calories at every meal.

3. Technique, technique, technique.

Possibly more important than getting in interval sessions, West Yellowstone is a great place to focus on technique. A lot of skiers haven’t had the opportunity to ski on snow yet this year, and this is the perfect place to stamp in correct skiing right off the bat. Find a hill and help each other, utilize video if you can (review it later), and watch the better skiers around you. You will learn a lot and your skiing can progress pretty far in one week.

4. Have fun!

Yellowstone kicks off the SuperTour races (HOORAY!) but it also is a place to get excited about the season. So smile, say hi, and enjoy the awesome atmosphere!

Despite battling a bout of sickness, I’ll be out and about on the trails and at the expo this week, and hopefully racing by the end of it! Feel free to say hi and chat!


-Posted by Paige Schember on Nov 23rd 2015