What to do for exercise when it rains

Posted by Jan Guenther on May 13th 2015


Yes, I am nibbling on these wonderfully light chocolate covered things.  I used to gobble up these treats, sitting on my desk in an upright bag with a large hand-sized opening (why they are here in my office in the first place is another problem altogether) BUT, I have been restricting my sugar lately, so I am delicately savoring them before stuffing the bag back into my business filing cabinet.

I did CrossFit this morning, so I must NOT eat up the calories I burned. I made myself hit the gym. I did not feel like running, I did not feel like biking. Caitlin and Brian Gregg (local Olympic XC skiers) and Matt Leibsch (Gear West employee and Birkie Champ) were meeting at Gear West to roller ski in the rain. I hid in my car as to not see them ☺ At age 56, I have roller skied and biked in the rain enough to feel I earned the right not to ‘Just say NO’ to getting wet and rainy on wheels. Instead,  I drove myself to a gym where someone would sternly tell me to work hard in another form of exercise.

My suggestion to all women who are trying to maintain a regular workout regimen and especially those who are over 40—DO a minimum of twice a week core body strength. For most, it is a REAL treat to join a gym where they TELL you to JUST DO IT. My favorites are Yoga “Warrier Sculpt”, kettle bell classes (really good for a weak back or tender SI joints if done correctly) and/or a CrossFit type of class. Again, I stress, us gals over 50-55 really have to do these things after a good long warm up and do them with the correct form or you can get hurt. Our bodies are not as strong as our mental will anymore, and we can get ourselves in trouble by overtaxing muscles that are not as elastic and flexible as in our youth.

Yes, I overdid things last week, besides running a little too much followed by many CrossFit squats and a couple of bike rides, I was not at my usual form during Sunday’s  ½ marathon.  My workout activities leading up to the 13.1-mile race from Wayzata to Excelsior Mn, would not have compromised my run five years ago, but today they did. My quads had no life to them and I, unfortunately, had to hit the bushes twice (!) during the run. The result was a not a pleasant run experience and the knowledge that I had better take these events a little more seriously and rest up if I expected the best out of my body. If I were not reasonably strong in my core, my run form would have suffered even more with tired legs and an upset stomach.

But it was a beautiful day, I am fortunate to have the knees to still run and I knew not to get too down on myself for not finishing in the time I expected. We need to discipline ourselves at the right times to exercise and reduce chocolate intake on rainy days. But we need the sensitivity to know when to ease up on days we truly have asked our bodies and mind to do all it can do and we were just ‘off’ center for one reason or another.  Like everything in life, it’s the balance of discipline and hard work offset by grace and understanding to gently build what we can of ourselves in work, relationships and exercise.

-Posted by Jan Guenther on May 13th 2015