The purpose of a suspension system on a bicycle is to give the rider more traction and therefore more control while riding and to improve overall rider comfort by absorbing bumps. During a typical ride a bike’s suspension system will cycle through its travel hundreds if not thousands of times. Every time the suspension cycles through the travel the seals, glide rings, and bushings are subject to wear.

To help reduce friction in the system, suspension utilizes an oil, much like the oil in a car engine. This oil is subjected to the same forces as the seals, glide rings, and bushings, causing the oil to breakdown over time.

All suspension products have specific service intervals for replacing the seals, glide rings, bushings, and oils in order to maintain optimal suspension performance. These intervals range from brand to brand, but a suspension system should be serviced yearly at the minimum. Without routine service a suspension system will breakdown and stop providing its two main functions, traction and comfort. 

Suspension Services

Lower's Overhaul $70 + Parts Kit

  • This service involves dropping the lowers, cleaning and inspecting the fork, replacing all seals and O-rings and re-installation of everything with fresh suspension oil. The parts involved range in price depending on the model of the front fork. This service is recommended every 40-50 hours of ride time depending on model/ brand of fork. This service is similar to getting the oil changed in your car.

Full Overhaul $120 + Parts

  • The Full Overhaul includes everything in the Lower's Overhaul plus the removal, cleaning, and inspection of the spring and damper sides of the fork. The spring and damper sides are then re-installed with all new seals, O-rings and fresh suspension oil.  This service is recommended every 100-200 hours of ride time depending on model/ brand of fork.

Rear Shock Air Sleeve Service $45 + Parts

  • This service includes the removal, inspection, cleaning and replacement of all seals and O-rings of the shock's air sleeve. This service is recommended every 40-50 hours of ride time.

*Fork and Shock Services based on availability of parts.  *Our suspension mechanic is certified through United Bicycle Institute

-Apr 18th 2019