New Shoes

Posted by Jan Guenther on Apr 19th 2019

Early April is tough for motivation. But I have new run shoes today. When training motivation wanes, investing in a fresh running shoes is what I am doing this week. Also my feet ache. My arches were … read more

Why you need to get your Suspension Serviced

Apr 18th 2019

The purpose of a suspension system on a bicycle is to give the rider more traction and therefore more control while riding and to improve overall rider comfort by absorbing bumps. During a typical rid … read more

Random Ironman Training Thoughts While Biking

Posted by Jan Guenther on Apr 10th 2019

Patience. Getting in shape, losing weight, building strength, recovering from injuries, improving store / work systems, looking at life with the glass ½ full…. all of it takes patience.Today I snuck i … read more

Spring Thoughts on Training

Posted by Jan Guenther on Apr 9th 2019

I am too sore and am limping around the store. Not good for business. I have great enthusiasm for following new strength programs and learning new fun ways to bend, dip and lunge. But! I tripped … read more