Women, Exercise, Motivation and Skiing

Posted by Jan Guenther on Nov 14th 2018

Besides knowing we (the Birke) can produce a small patch of snow from snowguns for the first time ever, I believe the Women’s Weekend of fun and fitness positively address universal concerns held by m … read more

Time for a Wave Upgrade: 5 Quick Tips for the Busy Skier

Posted by Jenny Beckman on Sep 14th 2018

The Nordic ski season is right around the corner! The first ski marathon is just over 100 days away, so now its time to start training! Not everyones has 8 hours a day to commit to training or even 2 … read more

SWIM RUN. Event - Race - Adventure

Posted by Jan Guenther on Aug 3rd 2018

I finished my third SwimRun event, this time at the Cuyuna trails in Crosby MN July 28th and it was FUN! I recommend it to anyone who wants a ‘change-up’ from triathlons. For me it was a catered train … read more

Nordic Ski Tour - Seefled, Austria

Jun 15th 2018

Stay in a 4-star Austrian hotel in an authentic village and ski to other villages is the them of our Nordic Ski Austria Tour. Visiting a new place everyday on skis will naturally finesse your ski tech … read more

10 Quick Tips! A beginners Guide to Rollerskiing

Posted by Nik on Jun 10th 2018

1)  Get comfortable, especially if it’s been awhileFirst time out this spring? Take a few moments to reintroduce yourself to your rollerskis. You’re likely going to get to know each other re … read more