Classic Skiing on Rollerskis

Posted by Jan Guenther on Apr 12th 2018

“ To Stride or not” vs only Skating on rollerskisI was reading the Birch Scroll e-magazine and came across Start Wax and Andy Gerloch’s Ski Post article about classic rollersking. I wante … read more

​How YOU can WIN your Personal Birke in 2018!

Posted by Jan Guenther on Mar 7th 2018

Eight physical and mental training tips to put in place THIS year to make NEXT year faster! (from an aging master’s perspective)pc: Bruce Adelsman of Skinnyski.comThe Nordic ski season is … read more

SWIX 2018 American Birkebeiner | Pre-Birkie Ski Prep

Posted by SWIX on Feb 16th 2018

2018 American Birkebeiner | Pre-Birkie Ski PrepSki preparation is an important first step to having fast skis on race day. By following the steps below, anyone can get their skis in great condition to … read more

Gear West Podcast #9: How to Peak for the Birkie

Feb 12th 2018

With the Birkie less than two weeks away, it's important to start to think about your taper and how to hit your peak. Adam and Speedy discuss what you should be doing over the next two weeks to … read more