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Do your hands keep slipping on the handle bar, or do they tend to get numb while riding?  Or do you just don’t like how they look?  Take a look at our collection of bar tape.Bar tape comes in different thicknesses, and each thickness refers to what it will help with.  If one is suffering from numb hands when cycling then the thicker the tape the more it will lessen road buzz.  Usually, one should look for something between 2.5mm and 3.2mm.  However, if you intend to go on an extremely long ride then you should look for something even thicker to help reduce fatigue and help with better control.  For recreational uses you don’t need anything as thick as 2.5mm.  

If you are just looking for a better grip there are textured bar tape that will help with that. Finally, if you are looking for just simply to change up to color of your handles, there are numerous colors and patterns you can chose from.  Keep in mind when looking for grip tape that the lighter the color the faster dirt and grim will begin to show.  A safe bet is to go with the classic black because it will now show the grim built up over time.