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The gear system of a bike is known as the drivetrain.  This consists of the cassette, front derailleur, chainrings, pedal, chain, and rear derailleur.  Every single one of those parts work together to get you moving.  The drivetrain enable’s the bike to shift gears while riding.  Without the drivetrain you would have to kick the ground to move.

The several different types of drivetrains, each are suited towards they type of biking one will be doing and what the terrain is going to be. The drivetrains range from single speed drives, fixed gear, to modern electronic ones and a single chainring.  The chainring is also called 1x, and the number of chainrings determines how many gears the bike will have. For example if there was a two chainring drivetrain and an eleven tooth cassette, the amount of gears on the bike would be twenty-two.  The cassette is the sprockets that are on the rear hub of your bike.  A cassette can have anywhere between five and thirteen sprockets.  Unless you just want to be sitting on a bike and pushing yourself forward with your feet and walking your bike up hill, it is imperative to have a drivetrain.