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It would be pretty difficult to steer without a handlebar.  Some people don’t really put much thought into handlebars they think that it is just another part to the bike what difference does it make?  Well it can make a huge difference.  It makes the difference between comfort and pain.

In terms of what position the handlebar should be in, most gravel and road cyclists find the angle of the bar should be around ninety degrees.  You should always maintain a slight bend in in your elbow to maintain the most comfort.

The handle bar comes in different lengths and shapes.  To determine what length is best suited for you, measure the distance between the middle of your shoulder socket, and that will provide what length the bar should be.  Unless you are brand new.  If you are brand new to biking you should get a handlebar that is just a little bit wider than you shoulder sockets.

Handlebars are usually made from carbon or aluminum.  Carbon offers more damping performance, what this means is that it will absorb more vibrations from the road, which makes for a more comfortable grip.  What makes aluminum special is its durability.  If you ever crash your bike you will notice aluminum stands up to scratches and scrapes a bit better then carbon.