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Does your bike saddle ever cause you pain and discomfort?  When looking for a new bike saddle first you have to ask yourself if you are looking for a performance saddle or a cushion saddle. If you are going to ride purely for pleasure, then you’re probably going to want to be looking for a cushioning saddle.  Too much cushion can actually cause discomfort, so you have to be cautious when looking for that.

The difference between a performance saddle and a cushioning saddle is that a performance one is long and narrow.  It has less padding for more power transfer and less chafing when pedaling.  Then a cushioning saddle is wider and has springs or plush padding to absorb bumps when riding.

To accommodate different body types bike saddles come in different sizes.  Men and women’s saddles are built slightly different because of the different hip sizes.  When searching to the right width of a bike saddle you want it to be wide enough to support yourself comfortably but not too wide to where your leg may chafe. The best way to really tell is to go sit on several different widths to see which one feels the best.