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We consider these item to be essential for the cyclist and will keep you safe and on your bike for as long as possible. Bike lights are often overlooked but vitally important. Consider that that lighting on your bike isn’t just to help you see, but to help you be seen. In a world of distracted car drivers doing what you can to make you and your bike stand out can keep you much safer on your next ride.  

Don’t ride a bike without a helmet, and be sure and find the right helmet for you. Helmets, and brands for bike helmets all fit differently which makes it important to try on your next cycling helmet for the perfect fit. It should fit well, feel like it’s not going to come off, even with out the strap fastened. Technologies such as MIPS and Wavecell will also keep you safe should you need it.  

Bike hydration and hydration systems are vital to your cycling fueling strategy. Carry one bottle of water for each hour of biking, it not more! There are a variety of bottle cages and bike hydration systems to help you and your bike carry water and fuel in a way that serves you best. Simple bottles cages up to the fully aerodynamic triathlon hydration system.  

Bike Gloves can protect you should you fall but also offer additional padding for your hands on the handlebars. Many also have a place to wipe your sweaty forehead and nose. Don’t leave home without something on your hands!