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Keep your bike from falling over when it is simply leaned agents the wall.  Grab an affordable bike stand to ensure your bike stays upright when you are not using it.  They are easy to use and set up.  Just roll your bike on up and through the tire slot and that all there is to it.  You will not be going to the garage to simply find it has fallen over yet again, instead you will see that it is in the same upright position that you had left it.  Not only is it so easy to use but it is also does not take up much more room than the bike does.  Perfect for someone who is lacking space and loves to keep things tidy and in their proper place.

If you prefer to not have you stand on the ground there are other options such as wall hanging where you can keep you bike on the wall and out of the way.  Just place the wall hanging bike stand in the exact spot where you want it and then drill in place with several screws.  This is an excellent way to keep your floor space clean.