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You never know what could happen on you bike ride.  No matter what my happen it is always best to go prepared.  Your tire might get a hole in it, your chain might pop off or even break, your handle bar could come lose, whatever it is that might happen it is always a safe bet to bring a tool kit along with you.

Most tools that you may need are small enough to fit a couple inside a fanny pack, such as a tire plug kit, multi-10 tool,  and a mini chain tool CT-5.  Each one of these could come in handy at any moment.  If you get a hole in your tire and it is slowly leaking have no fear because you will have been prepared with a tire plug kit.

What would happen if something came lose and you did not have the tool to fix it?  It could fall off and then you could not ride your bike any further.  Hopefully, you would not get stuck because you would come prepared for anything with your multi-10 tool kit.  Find all the tools you would need and be prepared for anything that may come your way.