eBike Demos Every Tuesday Evening at 6pm


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eBikes are the great equalizer, allowing riders of different abilities to easily ride together. With the gravity-defying capabilities of an eBike, hills seem to disappear beneath you. Beat the traffic and show up to work looking fresh and ready for the day after a sweat-free ride. Come ride with us and see for yourself what all the fun is about! We have Demo Rides every Tuesday evening. 


A good electric bike is amazing; twice as much fun for a fraction of the effort, like having a permanent tailwind and then some. Depending on conditions and conspiring factors, you can reach speeds of 20mph and travel between 20 - 60 miles on a single charge. While there's a lot of excellent choices available, there's also a lot of confusion and misinformation being peddled. The best way to begin to understand an eBike's awesome potential is simply to ride a one. For that opportunity – we invite you out to our eBike Demos, every Tuesday evening starting a 6pm.

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