eBikes | Everything You Need To Know


Fundamentally, an eBike is just a regular bicycle with an electric motor to provide additional assistance to a rider’s own power. There is no throttle and power is provided only when the bike rider pedals – the augmented power ceases whenever pedaling does. Since eBikes are pedal assist rather than motorized, they are street legal almost everywhere that bicycles are.

Have fun, ride longer - further - faster with less effort, and ditch the car

  • Fun to ride
  • Ease back into better fitness
  • Keep up with more accomplished riders
  • Ride further than you ever would
  • Scoff at headwinds
  • Make a mole hill out of that mouintain
  • Lessen the load of carrying stuff
  • Make the same trip in less time, less sweat
  • Save money on gas, parking, and car maintenance
  • Often reach your destination faster and certainly more relaxed
  • It’s good for your health, good for our planet

It’s still a bicycle

An eBike at its core is still a bicycle. Look at its overall component package as well as its frame and consider whether it would still be a bike that you’d ride without power. At the end of the day, no matter how good the motor and battery, if you put them on a cheap or unreliable bicycle, it will give you a correspondingly poor experience.


The Motor

eBikes come with one of two motor types. A hub motor – either on the front or rear wheel or a mid-mount motor. Hub motors are less expensive, but have less torque and require more power from the battery than a mid-mount motor. A heavy motor placed within a bicycle wheel also makes for a very imbalanced ride and maintenance such as flat tire repair becomes very combersome. A mid-mount motor is mounted within the bottom bracket and is intergrated directly with the crankset. This is much more efficient because the motor uses the bicycle’s existing gears to provide more torque when needed. Consequently, a smaller mid-mount motor can offer more power and consumes less energy from the battery than a heavier hub motor. With a lighter weight motor placed low and centered, an eBike with a mid-mount motor handles much like a regular bike.

Mid-Motor Mount eBike Advantages

  • Weight distribution & center of gravity allows electric assist bike to ‘feel’ like a regular bike
  • Motor produces more torque by augmenting crank
  • Motor multiplies power and takes advantage of bike’s existing gears
  • Easier to repair flat tire
  • Freedom to choose wheels, tires and cassettes
  • Two year warranty on motor and electronics


The Battery

The measurement for how much energy is contained in a battery is referred to as Watt-hours. The number of watt-hours & variables like gear selection, tire pressure, rider weight, temperature, and assist level determine how many miles can traveled on a single charge. Today’s litium-ion cell batteries offer superior range, reliability & longevity, use a standard 110V plug-in charger and fully charge in less than 4.5 hours. Batteries will operate at full strength for 500 cycles - after which they retain about 60% of original capacity. In all, a battery will be serviceable for between 15,000 and 30,000 miles.


eBike Demos

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