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Gear West Alpine: Alpine Skiing, Snowboarding, Skateboarding and Team Sporting Goods Store

Welcome to Gear West Alpine: We supply sporting goods and fitness products for adrenaline junkies like you.

As an enormous supplier of sporting goods and winter sport equipment in the Minneapolis Area, we are a locally-trusted and nationally-recognized vendor among athletes around the country. With two convenient locations in the Long Lake, MN, Gear West is your one-stop shop for soccer, lacrosse, alpine skiing, snowboarding and longboarding products and accessories. You may get lost in all the supply here, but we bet you won’t leave without some gear that will improve your game.

We have been supplying those searching for excitement with the best sports equipment in Minneapolis for more than two decades. Our customer service reputation is unmatched. With professionals lined-up, we will be there for you to answer questions and guide you through the process of picking out proper equipment for your needs.

Minnesota has great opportunities to stay in shape, participate in leagues and keep active year round. we’ll supply you with the proper devices to keep you remaining active for years to come. Become a better competitor with Gear West Alpine.

Soccer Equipment Minneapolis

Every Soccer player knows the importance of good shoes, great shin guards and a breezy outfit. Running up and down the field while busting up your shins and getting calluses on your feet is no way to participate in a soccer match or practice - no way at all.

At Gear West in Long Lake, we supply a huge selection of both men and women soccer gear. We want you to be comfortable, but ready for the big game. That’s why we stock top soccer cleats in categories from firm ground, soft ground and indoor from brands like adidas and Puma. Keep your feet cozy while you blast the ball up field.

Just like any other sport, wicking the sweat off of your body is necessary to stay cool during your soccer game. Having the right jersey and shorts is most often the key to keeping your mind sharp and body dry so you can perform your best. Shop men's and women's here.

And, lets not forget about the main tool of the trade - your soccer ball. From the classic Brine Phantom to Lionel Messi’s signature ball, we stock a variety of the best soccer balls for both professional and novice.

Finally, our assortment of soccer accessories, from shin guards to goalkeeper gloves, backpacks, training cones and more, will really bring out the best in your game. Check out all the soccer accessories we carry here, and get on that field!

Lacrosse Equipment Minneapolis

Lacrosse is an intense but enjoyable sport. Minnesota lacrosse players know this to be true, as the LAX culture around our state is very prominent.

But lacrosse players throughout Minneapolis also know that the proper attire and equipment is necessary to avoid injury and have fun. That’s why Gear West supplies all the lacrosse sportswear you need.

The importance of good protection for lacrosse cannot be reiterated enough. Like soccer, lacrosse is a sport that requires a lot of quick sprinting up and down field for the entire game or practice. But, unlike soccer, you have a team of giants trying to stick check and knock you down. Your body needs to have the proper equipment. You’ll be glad to know that Gear West stocks everything from mouth guards, and helmets, to gloves, arm pads, and shoulder pads and much more.

It’s not just the men that need protection in Lacrosse anymore, either. Since 2003, girl and women’s lacrosse rules limits stick contact, but do require players to wear a protective face mask, or “goggles.” We carry a variety of women’s goggles as well to keep you safe during the game. See them here.

You can’t play lacrosse without a lacrosse stick and some lacrosse balls. Gear West is the West Metro and the Twin Cities’ main source for all LAX accessories. Pick up sticks, balls, jerseys, shorts, protection and whatever other items you need to compete with the biggest, the fastest, and the best in Minnesota.

Gear West Alpine is the West Metro's source for lacrosse cleats, sticks, balls, and accessories from STX, Brine, Warrior, Gait and Debeer.

Alpine Ski Equipment

For adrenaline junkies, there is no greater thrill than getting up in the mountains, carving out your own path and taking on slopes unknown. That’s why at Gear West we stock a huge selection of alpine skis, bindings, boots, poles and accessories. Stay fast. Stay war. Stay adventurous with our Minneapolis alpine ski selection.

Our ski selection includes all top brands, from the likes of HEAD, Salomon, Volkl and Fischer. We sell everything from twin tips, to racing skis and all-mountain skis. Our team of professionals will help you pick out a ski that will fit both your personality, style and strengths.

Boots, bindings and poles are really what make the difference in your day enjoyable or injury prone. With several options to choose from, our boots range from flexible to stiff, binding options include from simple to sophisticated and pole choices range from budget-priced to high-end.

And don’t forget about proper protection. When you’re skiing, make sure you have a helmet, sun protection, goggles and proper wax. We stock all of these and more ski accessories.

If you come into one of our minneapolis locations, we’ll get you fitted with the correct ski boots, ski bindings and ski poles right away.

Snowboarding and Longboarding in Minnesota

Ride in style with Gear West’s selection of snowboards, longboards and accessories. We fight to bring the best equipment, better serving both those up in the mountains and those low to the streets. If you’re planning a boarding trip, need new bindings, need new bearings or just want to shop around, stop by and see us in Minneapolis for any of your boarding needs.

We created Gear West Alpine to serve the Minneapolis skiing and snowboarding community, supplying them with the best products, services and prices of high-altitude adventure. What started as a goal has morphed into a lifestyle. Our snowboarding selection is one of the most competitive in the country and is what made us successful at the start. We carry both high-end and budget-priced options for boards and boarding accessories.

With professionals on our staff who have personal knowledge of longboarding culture, products and accessories, we will find the right board for your height, weight and style. Stop in and see us today so we can match you up with the board perfect for you!

The Right Passion, The Right Service

Gear West was founded 20 years ago as a passionate way to bring Minnesota sports and winter sporting activities to the great people of Minneapolis and beyond. At Gear West Alpine, you will find what it is that you’ve been searching for in the sporting world. We value community above all else, and would like to take the time to thank our supporters and patrons. Without your passion for soccer, lacrosse, skiing and boarding, our passion wouldn’t be able to exist. Stop by and see why our love of sports translates into quality products and huge savings for you.