Cross Country Ski Sizing

Cross Country Skis are sized and fit on three things, 1). Skiers weight: This is the first and most important thing when sizing or fitting a cross country ski, because skis have different stiffnesses. The stiffness of a ski will determine how the ski behaves under the skier. Classic and touring ski are fit at a different stiffness than skate skis because a classic or touring ski needs to both glide and kick. 2) Skiers Height: Longer skis are naturally stiffness because of the amount of material used in their construction. So often the skiers weight will dictate the length of the ski, but if give the choice of two lengths the skiers ability should be considered. 3) Skiers ability level: Longer skis are generally faster, but can be difficult to control or maneuver for beginning skiers. 

Where do you plan on skiing and how?
Is the first and most important question when determining the correct size ski. 

In general, longer skis are used by more advanced and taller skiers, with shorter skis offering additional responsiveness and ease of use at the expense of a small amount of top speed. Finally, keep in mind that there are no hard and fast rules regarding length; often, experienced skiers develop their own preferences based on nothing but what feels "right" to them.

Skier Weight Classic Ski Length Skate Ski Length
100 - 110 lbs 180 - 190 cm 170-180 cm
110 - 120 lbs 182 - 192 cm 172-182 cm
120 - 130 lbs 185 - 195 cm 175-185 cm
130 - 140 lbs 187 - 200 cm 177-187 cm
140 - 150 lbs 190 - 205 cm 180-190 cm
150 - 160 lbs 195 - 210 cm 185-195 cm
160 - 180 lbs 200 - 210 cm 190-200 cm
>180 lbs 205 - 210 cm 190-200 cm

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