Hotbox Services

Hot boxing is a great time saver and very effective tool that aids in base saturation. Over the past seven years we have developed a system that improves the ski base and dramatically accelerates the process of getting your new and newly stone-ground skis race-ready. Hot boxing skis allows greater initial saturation of wax into the ski base than ironing alone, and has been utilized by World Cup race service teams for years to allow skis to be fully saturated without applying repeated layers of wax with an iron. While it is certainly possible to get a ski to run using conventional waxing techniques, the process to do so takes orders of magnitude longer to do and, without care, can put the ski bases at risk of overheating.


Gear West Basic Hot Box - $20.00

The standard three hour hot box treatment saturates the base with very soft paraffin. This process replaces the old base prepping with ten plus layers of yellow and red waxes. New and newly stone ground skis will still need to be hardened with a colder wax to achieve maximum base speed and protection. A standard hot box is a good basic first step in creating long lasting and fast skis.

Note that after a basic hot box treatment, multiple layers of hard blue waxes should be used to harden the base. Base hardening is a process of introducing harder and harder waxes into the ski with an iron. If this process is not done you can shock the base and burn it when you use cold high melting temperature waxes for the first time. As with any base prep you should make sure to scrape and brush each layer. Brushing polishes the base surface and removes excess wax and opens up the pores to allow greater wax penetration.


Gear West Hot Box + Race Hardening - $45.00

The Gear West Race Ready hot box starts off with the standard three hour saturation with very soft hot box specific wax. The skis are then scraped and brushed before being put back into the hot box for three additional hours with a LF Blue to harden the bases using slow heat base saturation. This process, which we use to minimize base movement, means we start at a relatively low 30°C hot box temperature and gradually ramp to a maximum of 52°C. World Cup service techs routinely use extended periods of Hot Box time to fully saturate ski bases for optimal race speeds.

Since the base is pre hardened after a Race Ready Hot Box, the only service that is required after completion is the application of one or more layers of the "wax of the day".