Kid's Shoes

Gear West carries a selection of running shoes for young runners. We carry a shoe or two from 3 or 4 brands to offer different fits for different feet. When fitting young runners we believe that we want a generally well cushioned and flexible shoe. Young runners tend to be light and still developing. We want shoes that are going to allow them to run naturally. The most important things to consider are comfort and fit. Kid’s running shoes don’t break in a lot, like leather shoes do. Kid’s shoes should be comfortable right out of the box. When sizing kid’s shoes we want between a half and a whole thumb’s width. Too small and they will outgrow them quickly and become uncomfortable, too large “lots of growing room” and the young runners won’t be able to run naturally and may slide around inside the shoe. We talk to the runner but also look and feel how the shoe is fitting. We hope the young runner likes the way the shoes fit and feel and even look. We want them to wear their running shoes all of the time, go running and wear them out before they out grow them, which happens fast enough. Kids shouldn’t pound out the mileage, but they should be active all the time and develop an affection for the outdoors and adventure.