New hours and policies

To you, supportive Gear West customer,

First, a heartfelt THANK YOU to those involved in our winter business of providing service and product for xc skis, downhill skis, fat bikes, snowboards, winter running, snowshoeing etc. We all experienced quite a wonderful winter before the reality of Covid-19 rocked our normal way of doing things. In large and small ways, we are all impacted by the monitoring of the virus and life’s activities have a heightened level of seriousness to them.

Gear West is using our transition time from winter to spring, and downtime from sporting events cancelled, to clean our stores with more attention to detail. We are doubling down in work effort to continue to provide you with a safe, interesting, and informative place to find inspiration, knowledge and products for outdoor fun.

Remaining positive amidst this upheaval means staying healthy in mind and body. For me and maybe you, it is taking time to be outside, hiking, jogging or cycling, instead of feeling confined with the cancellation of indoors activities. All of us at Gear West have healthy work out ideas ready to share, so you will be inspired to find pleasure, health and calmness within this rather chaotic world.


Jan Guenther, Brian Knutson and everyone at Gear West


Bike Service

We understand if you care to keep your distance. Pull into our lot and call 952-473-0093, honk your horn or flash your lights. We’ll come out and get your bike. We’ll call with an estimate, clean your bike along with the needed service work and have it ready for pick up. We can take payment over the phone without you needing to come in.


Again – for those who want to avoid close proximity to others... Give us a call at 952-473-0093 to discuss your interests. At the point when you’d like to stop by, we will have recommendations waiting for you to test ride outside. We can provide a meaningful experience from our parking lot and the adjacent bike paths. Need accessories – just ask. We want to get through this together.



Mon-Thu, 10am-8pm
Fri, 10am-6pm
Sat, 10am-5pm
Sun, 12pm-4pm