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If you have not noticed by now, skiing involves a lot of gear.  Trying to keep all of it organized can be a real struggle.  We have bags for boots, bags for skies, bags on wheels, and duffle bags that also come with a compartment for your boots.

Make traveling easy with ski bags.  Make sure your skis get to where you are going safely by protecting them in our bags. People who load the planes are not that careful so to ensure that they don’t get damaged or scratched it is always a good idea to protect them somehow.

Keep your boots out of the elements and the cold by keeping them insulated in a Nordic ski bag for boots.  This bag is not just meant for your boots.  It also has extra space and pockets for wax, goggles, gloves, and whatever else it might be that you would need.  Some of these bags come with and over the shoulder strap and a backpacks style.

When flying to a place to ski it can be difficult to haul all of your gear across the airport when you are carrying everything on your own.  A boo/duffel bag is perfect because not only is it a spacious bag to bring all of your essentials and boots, it also has wheels!