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Are you sick and tired of not having enough wax around the house when it comes time to wax your Nordic skis?  Why buy one block of wax time after time when you can buy in bulk and packs?  Come to Gear West and find all of the wax you need in bulks and packs.

If you enjoy classic skiing come check out the Start kick wax pack.  This special bundle comes with five different kick waxes, a Start divi cork, and a package of Start easy cleaning wipes.  Not to mention it comes with a Start wax bag as well.  What not to love!

It does not matter whether you enjoy skate or classic skiing better you will always need glide wax for both of them.  Gear West carries Fast Wax, Swix, and Rex glide wax.  Depending on what brand you enjoy the most come grab that wax today.  Instead of buying small bars of glide wax that will not last the entire Nordic season, I recommend looking into bulk wax options.  Not many are left in stock so come on in and get yours while it lasts.  Be prepared for an unexpected snow fall or simply next season.