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Get all the tools you could need to keep your Nordic skis in pristine shape.   Clamps, brushes, scrapers, tables, you name it we’ve got it.  As fun as cross country skiing is, it does involve a lot of equipment to maintain.

Just waxing skis takes a lot of tools to do.  First you need a wax bench or table to place your skis securely on so that they do not move when waxing them.  If you are only using a wax bench you will also need a couple of clamps to ensure that your bench stays securely on the surface of where you will be waxing your skis.  You will then need a brush to swipe all of the dirt off.  Next you need to heat up an iron to melt the wax.  Once the skis are brushed and the iron is hot it is time to start melting the wax onto the ski.  After the skis have been applied with wax and set aside to cool for a while you will need a wax scraper and a groove scraper to get the wax off your skis safely.  Once the wax is off you will need another brush with softer hairs to remove any excess wax particles.