Episode #5

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Running Events, Technique, and Training

Speedy and Maple are back to jaw about all things running. They recap the St. Patrick's Day Stumble at Gear West, talk about the upcoming Run the Lakes, and prepare for upcoming group runs, such as the 8:45am Wednesday morning run from behind the store (public welcome!). Adam interjects at the end with questions about VO2 Max and running technique, concerning which Speedy and Maple willingly share their knowledge.


Episode #4

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North Shore Trek

Tony Mommsen, normally the behind-the-scenes man for the Gear West Ski and Run Podcast, takes the reins at his annual North Shore Trek, on the shore of Lake Superior. During a week of fabulous skiing in northern Minnesota, Tony sits down with some of the participants in the Trek to talk about snow conditions, adventures, and, most of all, the fabulous food. As our premier waxless ski expert, Tony puts them through their paces in the backcountry and on groomed trails.

Episode #3

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2017 Birkie Recap

Jan Guenther joins Speedy and Maple to chat about the 2017 Birkie that wasn't. They talk about what their experience was, from waxing skis to working the expo, to playing amateur weathermen, and share stories from a former Birkie-gone-warm. 


Episode #2

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State Meet & Mora Vasaloppet Recap

Mike and Speedy talk Minnesota State Meet, Mora Vasaloppet, warm winters, snow out west and back east, new ski offerings from Fischer, upcoming races, and test ski fleets. While we were hoping to get Matt Fox and Brian Knutson as guests, we'll catch them next time. Enjoy occasional interjections by Tony, Adam, and Corey as they sit around and steal Maple's donuts.


Episode #1


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Nordic Night Fever

Jan Guenther leads a conversation with five other Birkie veterans-- Lynne Cecil, Ben Popp, Andrew Poffenberger, Jordan Roby, and Brenda Gauvin-Chadwick-- covering topics ranging from getting to the race to nutrition during the race, and everything in between.