Trail & Winter

Men’s trail shoes are the perfect option for the guy looking to explore woods, trails, and off-road opportunities; they offer increased traction and keep you moving and balanced on uneven terrain. Men’s trail shoes take you from gravel trails to mountain climbs and everything in between. Trail shoes are great for running or hiking, and boast extra traction and deep lugs on the soles, durable uppers, and a lower heel-toe drop. Most trail shoes are made with a mesh-like, abrasion resistant upper. The upper and sole are designed to drain well, and will shed water far easier than a road shoe. Some men’s trail shoes are made with a Gore-tex or weather resistant upper, which can be a great option for winter running or the runner that wants to keep feet dry through puddles and mud. Men’s trail shoes are designed with a low heel-toe drop to make sure you feel confident going up or down steep inclines. Trail shoes are also a great option for the beginner or avid hiker. Men’s trail shoes provide the right amount of traction and are lightweight alternatives to traditional hiking boots. Winter run shoes are designed with extra traction, waterproof uppers, and extra ankle support. The soft rubber and deeper lugs of winter run trail shoes helps you grip snow and ice, and waterproof uppers keep feet cozy and dry. Winter trail shoes are snow tires for your feet. Check out men’s trail shoe options from Salomon, Altra, Hoka, Saucony, Brooks, and more.