We carry a lot of shoes in our women’s neutral run category. Why? And what are ‘neutral’ shoes? Neutral run shoes are developed with a footbed that doesn’t encourage of foot to roll in or out but instead remain neutral. This differs from a stability shoe, which is designed with a firm material built into the midsole underneath the arch or wrapped around the heel to help provide pronation control. This does not mean a neutral footbed running shoe is not supportive, rather, it means the flexibility of the shoe will determine how supportive it is. The key when fitting a women’s neutral running shoe is to then match the flexibility of the running shoe with the flexibility of the foot. The other key component of women’s neutral running shoes is the cushioning. Cushioning is a softer material within the midsole of the shoe that disperses shock. Cushioning can vary greatly from brand to brand and from model to model within a brand. Ultimately, the amount of cushioning that works best for a runner is the one that is the most comfortable or natural on their foot. Women’s neutral run shoes contain a wide variety and range of options, and will fit what most runner’s are looking for. Pay attention to the flexibility, cushioning, and of course fit when choosing a neutral run shoe that is right for you!