“Everyone could use a little stability in their life.” This is a common saying heard coming from the Gear West Fit Room when Brian “Speedy” Mccollor is in there fitting. And to be honest it is probably true, just not always when it comes to your athletic or running footwear. What is a men’s stability shoe you ask? A stability shoe is designed to prevent over pronation in the running or walking movement. Most companies do this by using a stiffer material in the midsole of the shoe. They either place it underneath the arch or they use a ridge of foam that wraps around the heel to accomplish pronation control. This placement is meant to guide the foot and these things do a good job of stopping over pronation, but sometimes they can be a little bit of overkill. Stability shoe candidates are those who naturally over-pronate. All shoes will have support, stability shoes simply have extra mechanisms in place to correct over-pronation. Men’s stability shoes come with a variety of cushioning and will fit differently depending on the brand. Most men’s stability shoes will feel stiffer due to the added firm support materials. Overall stability shoes are not for everyone, but they do provide very good support for those who need them.