Snowboards at Gear West

Your a dad that use to snowboard and now your kids are starting to snowboard and you're not sure what you need to get them or even what you need to get up on your local ski hill, Gear West has you covered. Your child is in a winter program and wants to start to shred, Gear west can get you dialed. You're an experienced snowboarder looking for the snowboard gear you need to go out west on a backcountry trip, Gear West has the Split boarding equipment for you. No matter what level of snowboarder you are from beginner to pro we have the board, boots, bindings, split boarding accessories, stomp pads and choppers mitts you will need to look fresh and shred the gnar.

At Gear West we hand pick everything we sell from manufacturers you trust. The snowboard brands we carry and the boards, boots and bindings we bring  in each season from these brands are picked because the staff at Gear West likes the way they function and fit. 

We a are true board shop and offer all waxing and tuning services. We can also offer waxing or permanent wax base treatments for online orders on new snowboards. Please feel free to call or email us at for anything snowboard related. We are ready to help.