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Make transportation fun, when you ride a bike.  When biking you get the best of both worlds, fresh air and exercise.   However, it is not always fun when you fall without the proper protection.  To ensure maximum safety no cyclist should ever get on their bike without a bike helmet on.

While all helmets are built to ensure safety, they are also crafted for the riders intended purpose.  For example if you are biking to school you don’t need one that is built for intense purpose, rather you can grab a recreational style helmet, however, if you are racing mountain bikes you will need  something a bit more arrow dynamic and durable for the tougher falls.   No matter what your needs are there is a bike helmet that is perfect for you.  

How can you refuse to wear a helmet when they come in all sorts of styles and colors?  If you are not fond of the bulkier looking helmets you can find slimmer looking ones that even have extra padding to make for a more comfortable fit.  Get your little girl the gift of a unicorn bike helmet and she will probably never want to take it off.  

So the next time you are preparing to go for a ride make sure to grab your bike helmet before you peddle on.