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Who else ever has the problem of wanting to bring a water bottle on you bike ride, but you have nowhere to put it?  We have a solution for you! Introducing the SEO Hydration and Cages.  It comes in a pouch, a cage, and even a pack.

The cage is amazing because you can attach it to the bar of the bike and place your water bottle in it securely without it getting in the way at all.  Then there is the pouch which wraps around your rear system’s bottle cage so you can easily slide your water bottle into, the design of this pouch makes for a smooth airflow which decreases the drag behind you.  Finally, the cycling pack.  This bad boy is designed just like a backpack however instead of filling it with books and other things you fill it with water.  There is a long plastic straw attached to the bag so all you have to do is pull it forward and start drinking.

If you know your ride is going to be long and strenuous wearing the cycling pack is a wonderful idea because it holds more water than a water bottle.  If you are looking to go on a ride through the town then either of the cycling cages or pouches will work better.