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Sense the chain of the bike is open and exposed to all of the elements, over time when you ride all the dirt and gunk will built up on the chain and the links can start to lose their flexibility.  If the bike chain has not been kept up well it will start to rust.  A rusty chain does not run the best on a bike.  In order to prevent this from happening and to help fix the rusty chain now, there is bike chain lubricant and cleaners.  If you ride your bike consistently several times a week, it is recommended that you clean and lube your chain once a month.  If you don’t ride as often and keep your bike stored in a clean dry place then one should clean the chain every other month.  Before you apply the lubricant take a firm brush and dust off the chain, if you do not a brush an old toothbrush will work just fine.  When lubrication the chain make sure to slowly pedal backwards and put a tiny drop onto each chain link, then make sure to wipe off any excess lube.  If you don’t make sure to wipe it then it can actually attract more dirt to your chain.