Trade-In/Speed Up

ZIPP has launched the Trade-In/Speed Up program to let you trade-in your used ZIPP wheels for store credit toward the purchase of new ZIPP wheels. ZIPP has partnered with select retailers like Gear West and The Pro’s Closet – who will provide the trade-in value and take your old wheels. 

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Triathlon Bike or Road Bike?

Let's first consider the physical differences between triathlon bikes and road bikes and how those differences effect a rider. The obvious difference in appearance between the two bikes is their cockpits, but the more important distinction is found within the geometries of the frames.

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Why a Power Meter

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. While devices like speedometers and heart rate monitors provide useful and interesting metrics, they only measure your body’s response to work, they don’t record the actual amount of work you perform. Why is this a problem? Doing too little work means you’re not getting the maximum benefit from your workout. A too strenuous an effort and you run the risk of over training and injury. A power meter gives an athlete important insight on how to improve their training and racing. Unlike speed and heart rate, outside factors such as wind and hills do not affect power output. When power is measured, your training becomes more focused and effective. Training with power is hands down the most accurate way to measure cycling performance.

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