Tri Bike Transport

TriBike Transport

TriBike Transport is a service that transports bikes from select drop-off sites to a number of popular races across the country. With TriBike Transport, there is no need to break your bike down and package it for shipping and your bike will be all but ready to ride when you reach your destination. Therefore TriBike Transport is a popular alternative to services such as UPS or checking a bike in as luggage at the airport.

Gear West is a drop off location for customers of TriBike Transport. Please remove pedals prior to drop off (Gear West charge for pedal removal is $5).  Please refer to for pricing,scheduling, and other information.  TriBike Transport will contact you when your bike and/ or gear returns to Gear West.  We ask that you make every attempt to pick these up within 7 days of return notification. 


 Your bike is already here, why not give it a little TLC!

If you would like your bike serviced before or after your race, please make arrangements with our service department at least one week before the scheduled drop-off date. 952-473-0093.


$45......Pre/ Post race tune - Adjust shifting, braking, torque bolts, true wheels, lube chain- No cleaning.

$40......Bike cleaning - wipe down, lube chain.

$80......Full tune - includes pre/ post tune and bike cleaning.

$140....Drive Train tune - full tune plus removal and cleaning of the drive train.