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Welcome to the wild world of swim and triathlon swimming goggles. Finding the right swim goggles for you will depend on where you’re swimminglight conditions, the shape of your face, and how you would like the swim goggles to fit.  

Swim Location – If your main swimming hole is an indoor pool a clear set of goggles may be your best choice, especially if the lights are lower. Clear lens goggles will help you see lane lines and details more clearly. If outdoor pool lap swimming is your training location look at goggles with a tint or reflective coating. For the open water swimmer or triathlete it’s important to consider the time of day you’ll be swimming and what colors matter most to you. Will your race be early in the morning, heading into the sun? Are the swim buoys orange or pink? Is the background trees or city? The type of lens can matter here and it’s something to consider when choosing your swim goggle.  

Face Shape/Goggle Fit – Goggles now come in a variety of shapes which has made wearing them much more comfortable. There are goggles as small as the eye ball sized Swedish goggles, up to the swim mask type goggles like the Aqua Sphere Seal series. Find goggles that feel good on your face. If it hurts, you won’t want to wear it and that’s no good for your training.