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We received the package from [the manufacturer] and it was still missing a buckle and necessary screws to attach them... I was able to put everything together from the previous replacement parts you had sent, but [the manufacturer] did not make this easy (I guess, for either of us).  My wife and I have both been riding [the manufacturer]'s products for the last decade (she just upgraded to the new line of women’s skis).  I’ll have to admit I’m pretty disappointed in [the manufacturer]’s sloppy service and lack of attention to detail.  On the other hand, we are very appreciative of your persistence and willingness to see this through to the end.  This was our first time shopping Gear West but people like you are why we will consider using Gear West for future purchases…thank you!



I want to thank you for taking the time to evaluate mine and Kathie’s skis and in picking out a new pair for us this year. I am super excited about my new pair of Rossi’s! I can’t wait for the snow to come so I can try them out.

It was by far the best ski buying experience I have ever had. I am very impressed with your knowledge of skis and your approach to selecting them.

Greg P

Hello Wendi! I was in last weekend with Kathy V for a Gait analysis. I ran last night for the first time in my adult life and my toes didn't go numb and I had ZERO lower back pain! I can't tell you how great that felt. I've always had lower back pain, even after just a mile. I can't wait to run again tonight!
Thanks again, I feel great!

Kevin C

I was in the store last Saturday thinking it would not be busy as I needed a jacket and had a few questions about the Birkie trail as I was going to do the tour tomorrow. A gal (brown curly hair) who was not working in the apparel section and had plenty to do, came over and explained the differences / features of the jackets and came back to check on me at least once. When I was checking out another employee .... made it work when I presented a gift card for the bike store my wife had given me for Christmas, not realizing it was a different store when she purchased it.

Large retailers go through much work to try and get the kind of customer service I have received every time I have been in your store. I feel lucky to have Gear West as a local business.

Joel S - Watertown, MN

I just want to tell you how wonderful your company is, from ordering online to the delivery of my gloves in the middle of summer! The ordering was very easy, and the gloves arrived in a couple days. Usually, when I order from other companies, the gloves arrive in mid-November when I really could have been using them for a couple of months already. Thank you so much for running such a professional company.

Kaki A - Hemlock, MI

We ordered a pair of ski boots for my son to train in, he was leaving for camp in just a few days, and they ended up being the wrong size. Ahhhh! We didn't know what to do. Well, your shipping manager took care of everything for us. He rushed out a pair that were delivered in time for my son's camp and everything worked out great. It is so hard to find personal service these days ... good to know that it's still alive and well at Gear West!

Patti G - Beaverton, OR

Just wanted to thank you for all the great service you guys gave me on my recent purchase. Glad to have a resource like you at my disposal. Keep up the good work!

Jonathon T - Boulder, CO

This is the second pair of the same shoes from you. The first pair I bought was April 8, 2009. I am coming back to your store because of the prices and the excellent service. Keep it Up!

Vincent C - Las Cruces, NM

Thanks SO much for your excellent customer service! I had never ordered from you before but right from the start, the employee that helped me on the phone was very helpful and kind. Shipping was super fast and I got the shoes in time for my outing as I had requested. I will be ordering from you in the future. Thank you!

Nicole F - Campbell, CA

Wanted to let you know that Wendi has been extremely helpful everytime I've come into your store. You guys are awesome!! Thanks again for all your service and great employees!!!

Pam Z - Golden Valley, MN

Because of moving back to Europe, and I don't think that you'll ship to Switzerland, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the years of EXCELLENT!!! support. There was NEVER any reason for a complaint. Again: Thanks a lot. Btw, I wanted to let you know as well that I won a bronze medal in the "Biathlon Masters International Championships" in Kontiolahti / Finland in March. Your wax worked absolutely fine :-D

Detlef B - UK

Just wanted to say thanks for the great service provided by Gear West. I ordered a pair of Keen sandals on the 26th and received them the very next day! Super lightning fast shipping. It's nice to know there is still that kind of service available. Thanks again and I love the shoes.

Donna K - Marion, IA

I want to thank you and the coaches for a great class this year. I picked up skate skiing at your class in 2006 and that year did my first races (City of Lakes, Mora 58k and the Birkie). Then life with 3 kids got busier and I didn't get back into skiing again until this year. I joined your class and did the City of Lakes and the Birkie. Thanks to you and your coaches (and maybe some better boots and skis from your shop), I was happy to take 34 minutes off my Birkie time! Thanks again!

Tom L - Minnetonka, MN

I can't thank you enough for how valuable my Gear West experience was in producing a wonderful and successful Birkie experience. You and your entire team are a gift to skiers. With great confidence I'm encouraging my skiing friends that the Gear West experience will revolutionize both their skiing ability and pleasure. Knowing that all of this comes at a cost to you, I hope your shop remains strong for many years to come, and will do my small part by recommending your shop to anyone who will listen!

Dave L - Anchorage, AK

The skis and boot work great!! I amazed how fast new equipment is verses my old planks. Keep up the great work and thanks again!!

Scott M - Wausau, WI

Thanks for your responsiveness. It has been a pleasure dealing with you guys--props to your service!

Greg C - East Glacier Park, MT

Just wanted you to know that you've got a great employee working for you in "Speedy". I came in last Monday to look at skate skis, being very new to skating. Speedy really helped me understand the equipment and worked with me for more than an hour. He didn't push the most expensive equipment on me, but instead suggested the equipment that best fit my needs. To be honest here, Speedy really earned my trust. I walked out of Gear West with my first skate ski package feeling very satisfied in my purchase. I really appreciate Speedy's help, knowledge of the equipment and patience with a rookie. Kudos.

Aaron B - Maplewood, MN

I hadn't heard of Gear West when I found the shoes I was looking to purchase, so had no preconceived notions of what to expect (other than wariness of using a vendor I didn't know).
I was pleasantly surprised. Every step in the process, from placing my order to notification of order receipt and shipment, including clear directions to access delivery status, went smoothly. I'll be using Gear West again when looking for similar items.


Dear Brian, glide waxing with the equipment and table i got from you is a breeze. I've called several times and always gotten very helpful advice as well. We cant believe how much better skis move with the right wax on them (DUH!) I can see how you get to be a wax weenie and I've got waxless skis! My wife is thrilled I have a new passion to fixate on. I'm competing at the Gunstock Mtn Winter Triathlon race for a spot on team USA in 2 weeks. 1st time they've had a PC division. I owe it all to you for taking my skiing to the next level. Hope to make it to the birkie again next year, 2012. Best regards, Jack

John - New Jersey

Recently, I called with a dilemma - two of the speed lace eyelets broke in my Solomon Pilot boots. After a quick check of your customer list, you told me three replacement eyelets and rivets would be in the mail to me - no charge. I got them in two business days! My Pilots are now as good as new. Thank you for your great customer service. I won't forget. Sincerely, Roger N.

Roger N. - Madison, WI

All in all, skis seem exactly what we asked for. Very, very happy with my skis. First time I've ever had a ski I really liked in the cold powder. Was out in fresh snow on the weekend - minus 24C - still loved them. Now I can reserve my black Salomons for just the icy stuff. Thanks again. Telling as many people as I can.

Bois W.

Just a quick note to thank you for your expert selection of my new Carbonlites. They fit exactly into the niche I was trying to fill for a solid hard wax ski for early winter snow and softer trails. I raced them last weekend in falling snow in Montreal WI and they had a perfect blend of grip and glide. they are also holding wax well in our "packed powder" at Nine Mile. I have sent a few other folks you way and all are very satisfied with your advice and service.

Gary Z - Marshfield, WI

Hey! I was in months ago and I just wanted you to know that you helped me SO MUCH! I run a lot better. I am in the Army and even the Army saw an improvement. I just wanted to thank you for all your help and your knowledge! You were such a big help to me and helped me learn to enjoy running.

Faith G

I really appreciate you going the extra mile to help the kids and especially the parents out in the purchasing of equipment.

Dan J - Detroit Lakes, MN

Please pass on to my Ski Guru ...These skis are working great. They have worked well both on and off trail. They smoked in the down hill slopes, the excellent turning control was a huge surprise. This was my third outing on them and three really different types of terrain and conditions. Thanks for fitting them for me, they are right on.

John L

YOU GUYS ROCK!! :-) THANK YOU for sending my boots overnight yesterday -- they just arrived in spite of bad weather and late deliveries in Seattle! I really appreciate the extra effort to get these out to me so quickly and on my terms -- you're the BEST!!

Susanne H - Seattle, WA

I just wanted to say thank you for the Gait Anlaysis the other week! My 1 mile pace in the Manitou Triathlon last weekend was 7:22 and about 30 seconds faster than I usually go. Thank You So Much!

Mike L

Brodie-thank you very much for the fast response and the compensation. I received the wheels and the Croozer is together. I hope to get my daughter out in it today. I appreciate your efforts to get this sale right and I will certainly order from Gear West in the future because of your excellent customer support/service.

Mike C - Ridgefield, CT

Thanks for your help in locating another pair of Adidas Lady Boston Classic shoes for me. I really appreciate your response to my email. I wish Adidas didn’t discontinue that shoe, but thanks to you guys I at least have one last pair.


This is the first time I've ordered from Gear West and I will definitely continue to use you in the future. You've got great prices and a great selection. Thanks again!

Allison J - Arlington, VA

Thanks...you guys have the best customer service.

Mike V - Minneapolis, MN

I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for all your help and time doing my gait analysis and running shoe selection. I LOVE the New Balance 758s you put me in, and I feel so much better when I'm running (and when I'm not)! Sometimes it's easy to forget to say thanks, so I just wanted to make sure you know that what you do is very much appreciated. I will be a happy runner as I continue adding mileage in this beautiful weather.

Lisa R - Paynsville, MN

I wanted to drop you a quick note...You have taken me from not being able to walk up stairs to getting a PR last year and making it possible to complete a marathon this year. I wanted to let you know I am thankful to have you as part of my life and that you are a blessing.


You are the very best. Thanks so much. Two runs and the shoes feel great.

Chris H - Minneapolis, MN

Heide and I visited you this last Saturday. We are both walking exclusively in our new shoes/inserts.... It feels really good. I just wanted thank you for your information, and also mention that I have been letting people here in La Crosse know about your services.

Tom H - La Crosse, WI

Please convey my thanks to the Gear West team for all their assistance. Gear West is my favorite nordic store/organization and it is always a pleasant experience when making a purchase.

Lori - Richland, WA

As you know, Mother Nature has not been generous with the snow this year. Consequently, I have been impatiently waiting to try my new skis in conditions that do not jeopardize the skis bases. I am happy to report that I have recently been able to ski on man made snow with them and I couldn't be more satisfied with their performance! There always seems to be a period of trepidation between the time I buy skis and the time I actually get to try them. This time it has been worth the long wait! Thanks to Ari and all the good folks at Gear West!

Chuck F - Minneapolis, MN

Hi Gear West Folks Just want to thank you for the fantastic job you did on my skis for my first Birkie. Drop off and pick up went without a hitch and those skis were the fastest running thing out there. See you again next year.

Michael B - Edmonton, Alberta

Thanks for all your help with my daughter's skis.... [After trying them] she said it took less than 5 minutes for her to decide that she will never ski her old skis again!

MaryBeth N

I’ve been ordering gear for 24 years and Gear West is one of the best businesses I have patronized.

Jared V

I received the Victor C Dunder Award a little less than a year ago and it has been a really good thing for my nordic skiing. I appreciate the fact that your store works with the Victor C Dunder Award to help skiers like me to have good equipment to work with and fall in love with the sport on. I had a good season this year and I look forward to next year and the Orono Nordic Team's prospects for the year after that.

Josh S - Orono, MN