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Swim and triathlon swim gear has come a long ways. There are now many tools to choose from to help you perfect your stroke, build strength, correct your swim position, improve your swim confidence, and enjoy your time in the pool. What swim tools should you be using? Does a triathlete need all of these swim toys? What does this swim gear even do? 

Swim Paddles – The swim paddle is a training tool that’s been around for a long time. The swim paddle is worn on your hands and usually is specific to your right or left hand and has a front and back. Using the swim paddle will help you build arm strength (more resistance), improve hand position in the water, and can often help you swim faster. Swim paddles are great for strength and form sets. 

Pull Floats/Pull Buoys – A great swim tool, these are placed high between your legs and will help your swim position in the water by keeping your legs up. Using a pull buoy is a great positioning tool and often a must have for the beginning swimmer. It’s also good for leg recovery sets as you typically don’t kick when using a pull buoy.  

Swim Snorkels – Snorkels are a recent addition to the swim training world and often leave people wondering why you’d even need one. But what if you didn’t have to turn your head to breath and could solely focus on all the other things your coach wants you to do? Enter the swim snorkel. Use this tool to perfect your swim issues by taking away one of the most challenging aspects... turning your head to breathe