Twin Cities Mountain Bike Ride Guide



Where should I go?

*In order of difficulty/"spicy-ness" level

Lake Rebecca

Mild. Becky is your classic pico-de-gallo. It’s good all around, plenty of flavor but not remotely spicy. 13.25 miles of buff, smooth, flow trail. It’s a great spot for beginners to give mountain biking a try!


Elm Creek

Mild. Elm Creek features lots of variety that is fun for beginners and experienced riders alike. The park features 12.7 miles of wooded single-track and open prairie riding. If you want to try something a little more kick – check out the “Grizzland” on the Southeast side of the trail.

Theodore Wirth

Medium. Wirth is the perfect spot for a moderate urban trail ride, smack dab in the middle of the city and 20 minutes from everywhere! Park at the Loppet Foundation’s “Trailhead” building. From there you can hit the smooth Area 36, and continue North to the Conundrum, and 45 North trails. If you head South you’ll find the original, “North” and “South” loops are wooded and twisty with manmade technical features. Cross highway 55 to ride the flowy, bermy Glenwood & Southwest trails. For a short fun techy section, finish it up with Brownie Lake.

Murphy Hanrehan

Medium. Murphy gets its rating due to the length of the loop – once you’re out there, there is no quick “back-to-the-trailhead” option. 10+ miles in length

Lebanon Hills

Medium-hot. Leb is like a “choose your own adventure” book. Want to go on a nice long trail ride? Great! They have 12+ miles available. Want to session some difficult rock features? It’s got that too! Jumps? Yes. Sweet skills-park? Boom. Right next to the parking lot.

Battle Creek

Hot. There’s always that one dish on the menu that has something like “not for the faint of heart” in its description. Here, that’s Battle Creek. Rocks, roots, sand and big climbs – we recommend hitting this trail up if you’re an experienced rider.


Renting a bike for the weekend? Why not make a trip out of it! Here are our favorites located between 2 and 4 hours from the Twin Cities.

Duluth, MN

Voted Outside magazine’s #1 adventure town in 2018, and their trails are IMBA Gold Rated. Even if you aren’t familiar with IMBA – everybody knows that “gold” is the best.
Everything you need to know about riding up North can be found here:


Cuyuna Lakes – Crosby, MN

Over 40 miles of single track…and growing. In the next few years, there will be over 100 miles of singletrack in the Cuyuna Lakes area. The system is fast becoming a year-round, family cycling destination with trails fit for newbies who are touching dirt for first time to the hardest hard-core shredder.


CAMBA/Hayward, WI Area

As a shop with XC skiing in our DNA…we can’t help ourselves. Birkie Fever is a year-long thing at Gear West and we love the Cable/Hayward area! So go to Cable, get in a long ride, and then go visit Mick at The Rivers Eatery for a slice of pizza, and Trudy at Tilly’s Pies for dessert. You will not be disappointed.


Maplelag Resort – Callaway, MN

Hand built Single-track. Family owned and operated. Bottomless cookie jars. That last part really got your attention, didn’t it? Looking for a getaway in the Northwoods – go visit the Richards’ family little slice of paradise in Callaway.



Say ya to da UP eh! Big hills, sick trails, and really good beer (Pints for $3. Looking at you, Keweenaw Brewing Co.) What’s not to love?

· Marquette, MI
· Houghton, MI
· Copper Harbor, MI

Looking for someone to show you the way? For an additional $105, sign up for a guided ride. Spiciness of the guide varies depending on availability.

We will:

· Transport the bikes to the trailhead of your choice
· Suggest the best route based on your desired experience and skill level
· Ride with you and session any section of the trail
· Provide snacks, water and maybe some humor.