ZIPP Trade-In/Trade Up



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Trade In and Speed Up!

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Trade-In/Speed Up

ZIPP has launched the Trade-In/Speed Up program to let you trade-in your used ZIPP wheels for store credit toward the purchase of new ZIPP wheels. ZIPP has partnered with select retailers like Gear West and The Pro’s Closet – who will provide the trade-in value and take your old wheels. The trade-in value is then discounted off the price of new ZIPP wheels. Trade-in value is determined by the specs of your existing wheels and according to The Pro’s Closet, varies from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand.  

Is it time to up-grade your wheels? Each new generation of ZIPP wheels continue to get faster. This is a simple way to get on the latest wheel technology. Contact us to learn more about the ZIPP Trade-In/Speed-Up program.