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Pedals are one of the most important components to a bike.  The type of pedal can really change a persons experience riding a bike.  A certain pedal will give you a more secure grip and hence a more powerful platform to push.

 The main two types of bike pedals are platform or flat pedals.  Most cyclists use a flat pedal which has a wider platform and can be used while wearing any shoe.  This can be seen on most recreational bikes.  

Platform or clipless bike pedals have a smaller platform which connects to the rider’s shoe.  This allows for better control and allows for more power through each stroke.  Unlike the flat pedals there are certain shoes that one must where when using this type of pedal. A bike riding cleat is attached to the shoe which then allows the shot to click into the pedal.  This type of cycling petal and cleat is meant to be used for individuals who race and mountain bike. For someone who is new to biking or just likes to bike leisurely the cycling pedal they should be using is flat, while the people who are hard core bikers should use the platform/clipless pedals.