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Enjoy cross country skiing all year round. Roller skis are designed to emulate cross country skiing during seasons where there is no snow.  Even though you are not on the snow roller skiing uses techniques that are almost identical to the motions of cross country skiing. Roller skis were invented and intended to be a training method for avid cross country skiers.  Many skiers use these to train on during their off season but there are also those who prefer to do it just for fun and a good source of exercise.  Not everyone is built to do sports when it is cold outside.

Most roller skis are composite which means that they are made of fiberglass or carbon fiber and have aluminum arms.  There are two wheels attached one on the front and the other on the end of the ski. Roller ski boots attach to a standard cross country ski binding and the boots are built for warmer temperatures and they are more durable then a cross country boot.  The poles are similar the Nordic poles however instead of having a tip on the end of the pole there is a ferrule that is made from hard carbide which is a metal alloy.