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Triathlon and open water wetsuits can turn the pool swimmer into an open water torpedo. Wetsuits provide buoyancy, improve swim form and position in the water, and can also provide warmth. Those great wetsuit features add up to minutes and seconds off of your triathlon or open water swim time. Which wetsuit is right for you? Here are a few key things to keep in mind when choosing your ideal wetsuit.

Cost – It's true, as the price goes up you will get a more advanced and usually an easier to swim in wetsuit. Typically, you’ll notice this in shoulder flexibility, material usage, and how quickly you can take it off. Budget friendly wetsuits are still an advantage over a non-wetsuit swimmer though.

Wetsuit Sleeves – Long or short? Usually water temperature will decide if you’re going long sleeve or short sleeve. A long sleeve wetsuit will be faster than a short sleeve wetsuit, but only if you’re comfortable in it. If the longer sleeves give you swim claustrophobia then short sleeves just might be for you!

Wetsuit Fit – A wetsuit should fit snug, it’s basically a second skin for swimming. When trying on a suit on dryland it’s going to be hard to get on and feel tight. Once in the water, and after you let a little water into the suit, things will get more comfortable. Don’t let a tight wetsuit fit on dry land scare you as a loose fitting suit, especially a loose fitting short sleeve wetsuit, can cost you time and extra effort as it drags in the water.